Dapp Release Schedule

Phase 1

Open and free job/test app access to a closed pool of authorised users

All nodes supplied by infraX

User experience and network load accessed and pain points prioritised

Frontend and backend evaluation and development

Design documentation and app documentation release enabling creation of apps

Repository documents released

Phase 2

Security parameters prioritised and focused

Additional addresses whitelisted

User hosted nodes integration and release

Security developers onboarded and utilised in R&D

Staking Contract Audited and deployed

Staking FE/BE Integration and release

First Lenders successfully compensated

Phase 3

Integration Contract deployed integration INFRAX Network and Blockchain

Native token integration allowing $INFRA payment for services

User payouts enabled for App use and successful job runs with node providers

Contract audit by Yearn

Full and complete platform Launch

Partnerships/Acquisitions focused

Partnerships/Acquisitions focused